How to Add Visa Pages to Your US Passport in Hong Kong


If you are in Hong Kong and realized you have run out of pages in your passport, the quickest way to add more is to visit The Consulate General of the United States of America(serving Hong Kong and Macau). It is located up a steep hill (26 Garden Road) so wear comfortable shoes if you are walking from the metro (Central station, exit J2, follow signs to the Peak Tram), bus station, etc. and follow these steps.

1. Make an appointment online using the ACS system at this link: Make an Appointment Now! Choose a day that is available and best fits your schedule. If you make an appointment in the morning, you are able to pick up your passport on the same day between 3:00pm-4:00pm.

2. Remember your appointment time. You don’t need to print out the confirmation page (even though the website says to..just save your ink and paper). They have a list with your name on it. Just tell the guard at the first table you see what time your appointment is for when you arrive through the front gate (up a little flight of stairs). You should also show them your passport so they can check your name off their list.

3. Try to carry as little as possible to the consulate. The guards will manually search and scan your bags. They will also keep your cell phones until you are ready to leave. If you do bring a cell phone, make sure you turn it completely off before entering the building. The guards will put your cell phone in a little mailbox and give you the number on a little plastic square. You may also want to bring a book to read. It could be quite boring waiting for your turn in the waiting area.

4. After going through the metal detector and scanning your bags, you will be asked what you have come here for and directed to go up a flight of stairs. Enter the first door that you come across (on the first floor).

5. To your left, you will see "Immigration Services" and to the right you will see "American Citizens Services". Head for "American Citizens services". You will pass the "Cashier" before entering the main room. Once in the main room, go to the first window to "Check-In" and hand in your application form. If you have added pages before, the clerk will tell you that you can only add pages one more time before having to purchase a new passport. He/she will give you a receipt that you must bring to the "Cashier" that you saw when you first entered. He/she will not be able to process your application until you pay. You will see a sign that says that you cannot pay with 1000 HKD bills. It will cost US$82.00 to add 24 pages (roughly 656 HKD), and it will be charged in USD. You can also pay with Visa or Mastercard, which is often the preferred method. If paying by credit card, you will receive three receipts. Bring the two receipts that are slightly attached together (and are labeled "Customer Copy" and "General Consulate Copy") back to the first window that says "Check-In".

6. Depending on how busy they are, they might ask you to sit down for a few minutes while they process your paperwork. Once the paperwork is processed, they will call you up again (by butchering your English name) to the first window. They will verify that you are the same person that gave them that passport (in case they pronounced it completely wrong). They will then give you the receipt with "Customer Copy" printed on it. They will stamp the back of it with today’s date and tell you to come back to that window between 3:00pm-4:00pm. Then, you will leave the same way you entered (pass the "Cashier" and down the stairs). If you received a number for your phone, hand that to the security guard, and he/she will retrieve it for you. Then, exit the door.

7. Arrive between 3:00pm-4:00pm. When you return, just show them the receipt they gave you with the stamp on it, and they will repeat the search procedure as well as take your cell phone away (again). If you get there 10 minutes before 3:00pm, as long as there is someone at the window, you can get your passport a few minutes earlier. Go to the "Check-In" window again. Hand in the receipt. Get your passport. Print and sign your name that you have received your passport. DONE!

Tip: Try to patient and polite with the staff at the consulate. Nearly the entire staff is from Hong Kong with heavy Chinese accents when they speak English. If you don’t know English, they also speak Cantonese and Mandarin.